CALVA LOUISE Blade-Runner inspired world comes to life further with fourth release ‘SQUARE ONE’.

Calva Louise have been tearing up the live circuit in the UK for years. Earning a rabid UK fanbase from London to Blackpool and beyond this newest era sees the trio embrace their heavier side and unleash a metal-leaning power that has left us in awe. Whether it be Alizon’s rabid bass drills, Ben’s fierce drumming or Jess’s savage screams interlinked with her smooth singing vocal style, it’s full of adrenaline for listeners. Their latest song, “Square One” is one of 4 released thus far (from their forthcoming ‘Over The Threshold” mixtape) and is accompanied by its Blade Runner-esk music video. It’s a direct continuation of the sci-fi inspired world of ‘Over The Threshold’. Made in its entirety by frontwoman Jess,  the music video and self-taught CGI plunge you into this chaos infused dream-world where the main characters are constantly fighting alien threats.

Already released is “Third Class Citizen”,  “Feast Is Over” and “Oportunista”; each dancing a slightly different take on rock or metal genres, all interlinked by themes and music video narrative. It’s quite the project and one that’ll lead them to a few festival moments in the UK and USA, as well as a few choice headline shows. With the mixtape due later this year, it’s time to get your ears around this unique and incredible creative output.

Listen to “Square One” below:



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