Northern Irish metalcore outfit Archives have released a brand new single & music video entitled “Self Inflicted”. The Archives guys have been busy in their short career, having formed in only 2020, they band have already released their debut full length ‘Decay’ and are back with another huge song. The track ticks all the boxes for a modern metal hit with huge detuned riffs, aggressive emotionally fulled vocals, relentless pummelling drums, plenty of pit starting moments and enough guitar chugs to make Meshuggah proud.

The band are proud in their mission of pushing mental health awareness to the forefront and addressing it in their lyrics and themes. Speaking on the single vocalist Adam Holland says: “Self Inflicted is an internal debate rhyming off all of the cons of a toxic friendship that will cease to serve you and only break you down. It hurts to cut a piece of you off but sometimes it is necessary to survive. They have finally got caught in their web of lies. You think you can spin your treacherous web of lies and never get caught in it. The key message of self inflicted is sometimes you have to cross your bridges and burn them behind you so you can never go back even if you get burned yourself slightly in the process. Pain is growth.”

Check out ‘Self Inflicted’ here: