VUKOVI release single ‘HADES’ & announce new album ‘NULA’



Our favourite Scots Vukovi are back with another banger and have announced a brand new album set to drop this year. “Hades” is a haunting, electronically driven anthem with Janine’s powerful vocals and Hamish’s composition skills in top form making this another hit to add to their arsenal. The two have really honed their craft over the past few years to create a sound very much their own and one that will be on display in full force in their brand new album “Nula” set to be released on October 7th, 2022 through LAB Records.

Check out the video for “Hades” here:



Speaking on the album, which being described as having a careful sonic blending of nu metal, shoegaze, rock, punk, pop, electronics and samples, guitarist & songwriter Hamish Reilly says: “I’ve had so much fun making this record… I sometimes think I can overcomplicate my playing, just because I need to keep myself interested. But I’ve gone all out on NULA, and everything that is there is something that needed to be there.”

‘NULA’ is, as vocalist Janine explains ‘A concept record’, which charts the journey of this character (called Nula) in a distant, far off, Sci-fi world. “Growing up I was obsessed with the likes of Akira, Batman: The Animated Series, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, The Alien franchise, Star Wars, all massive influences of mine.”

The whole record starts with an announcement of interplanetary travel. Nula (the character) is a captured extraterrestrial that’s now the property of a nefarious capitalist. ‘NULA’ (the album) picks up 25 years after her capture. And in-between there’s all sorts of comment on themes of trauma, violence, lust, and revenge. “I think about what’s happening in the world too much,” says Janine. “The way the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The greed. The cruelty. There’s a lot of that on the record, and in Nula’s story.”

The album also touches on personal topics with singer Janine writing about her diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in their song “SLO” “It’s almost like a love letter to something I hate, something that’s caused me so much suffering. But it’s also me wondering if I would cease to exist if it was removed from me.”

The song ‘I Exist’, sees Janine push through the pain of mental illness and realise that she is worthy of life and deserving of joy. “I’m really interested in exploring the idea of joy,” says the singer. “I’ve had enough misery in my life. There’s a song I really like early on in the record called ‘Quench’, which is about sexual liberation from a woman’s perspective, which I don’t think we hear about enough.”

‘NULA’ is out on October 7th, 2022 through Lab Records, you can pre-order it HERE



‘NULA’ track-listing:
5. SLO
11. HURT
12. SAD
13. XX

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September 10th – Risefest Newcastle (UK)