UNDEROATH return with brand new single Let Go



Post-Screamo legends Underoath have released brand spanking new music today in the form of single ‘Let Go’, their first release on new record label MNRK Heavy. “Let Go” is a great amalgamation of all the sonic varieties the band have been cultivating throughout their career. Off the bat you’re hit with angular crunched up riffing and pummelling drum grooves giving off some classic Underoath vibes before bringing in the melodic electronic soundscapes that fill out the mix like huge synth blanket whilst their penchant for writing hooks and sing-a-long moments come to the forefront with vocalists Spencer & Aaron delivering great back and forth performances.

Speaking on the song, the band said, “This is actually the first song we completed after recording (last year’s) Voyeurist. It took a few different forms but we got it to a place where we knew this is what it should be. It’s about letting go of whatever trauma or demons that might be holding you back. As hard as it is to make those decisions sometimes, I feel like we can never grow without stepping out of those toxic environments.”

Check out the song here:


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