Tropic Gold – ‘What A Wonderful Experience’ EP | REVIEW



Tropic Gold kick off their new chapter having recently signed with UNFD and released their second EP, “What a Wonderful Experience”. Being their first release on the new label, the record is statement of intent and a launch pad for the Suffolk quartet to reach greater heights.

Kicking things off with “Adrenaline”, it’s clear to hear from the opening riff that the band mean business, the heavy riffs in the verses and the electronic elements in the choruses gel seamlessly together with the band themselves being involved in the production and recording process which gives everything a more organic feel. The band’s latest single “Maniac” stays in a similar sonic lane to the opening track and comes with some tasty melodies that has you gripped from the get go. I do love the vision of trying to replicate the success of the predecessor, however it does come with the sound of the band repeating themselves on this one. “Damn(ed)” takes a more slower approach compared to the fast paced in your face sounds of the first two tracks, it has shades of “amo” era Bring Me The Horizon, which is definitely not a bad thing, and demonstrates yet another dimension of sounds the band has to offer. This continues with “Get Over It”, a mid-paced hook filled rock song full of vocal effects, pulsating synths and riffs. The same has to be said about “Feel Okay”, however whilst the rock and post-hardcore elements are still present, the heavy focus on electronics shows off the variety of genres they are exploring. This theme continues on to record closer, “DTTTH” as the synths that have appeared throughout the EP take centre stage while infectious vocal hooks are laced throughout.

With a fast hard hitting start followed by a slower calm pace finale, this EP gives you a mix of it all and really gives a strong vision of what the band are all about in this new chapter of their career. The EP is a lot of fun and it’s a great start to what will be an exciting new adventure the band are about to embark on.

Check out the new single and video for “Maniac” here:



Listen to the full EP here:



Words by Craig McInnes

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