ten56. Release Double Video For ‘TRAUMADOLL’ AND ‘RLS’



After launching last year with their well received and incredibly heavy debut EP ‘Downer Part.1’ and their single ‘Yenta’ earlier this year, ten56. are back with a unique dual video for new tracks ‘Traumadoll’ and ‘RLS’. The release is designed to showcase the different sides to the band with “Traumadoll” being an aggressive in your face breakdown fest, with fast paced screams and plenty of detuned riffing while ‘RLS’ is an emo-trap style atmospheric tune with some catchy emotionally charged sung melodies, rapped lyrics and electronic beats and soundscapes. The two tracks surprisingly mix together well and lyrically tackle with the heavy but important subject of substance abuse and recovery.

Speaking on the release, vocalist Aaron Matts says: “We never want to give anyone a chance to put ten56. in a pigeon hole, the things we’ve done until this moment are the things that people already know we are capable of, and our plan going forward is always to keep adding to our repertoire. Our sound is our identity, but the possibilities in which we express ourselves within it are endless”

“‘Traumadoll’ and ‘RLS’ speak about the lows I have experienced with substance abuse and the consequences of self medicating without seeking professional help. I hope that by being completely honest with my band mates, fans and anyone else who comes across this track, I can encourage those in similar positions to open up and seek help. If you are in need of psychological help, please speak to someone.
Thanks for the support.”

Check out the video here: