Mimi Barks Releases Music Video for Single ‘ASHES’



Fresh from touring with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and on the release week of her highly anticipated mixtape Mimi Barks has now unveiled another new offering with the release of music video for her track ‘ASHES’. The single will feature on the upcoming mixtape ‘DEADGIRL’ which is out on Friday 16th December via Silent Cult. “Ashes” is a venomous assault on the senses that truly lives up to her “Doom Trap” label with crunched up guitar riffs intertwined with deep 808s and Trap beats and Mimi’s iconic screamed/sang vocals, it’s a track that will simultaneously make you want to nod your head and fuck shit up, all in under 3 minutes. The accompanying music video, directed by Modern Error‘s Zak Pinchin is straight out of the 1600’s and depicts Mimi being burned at stake by an angry mob, talking about the meaning behind ASHES, Mimi Barks expands, “Women who posed a threat during the dark ages were accused of being witches, intimidated, burned alive, and sentenced to execution. Today, ever since the Age of Enlightenment, a creative, strong-willed, and self-assured woman still gets burnt to the stake verbally by those led by their own anxieties.”

Speaking on her upcoming ‘DEADGIRL’ Mixtape, she says,”The DEADGIRL Mixtape is the conclusion of an era of suffering and self-destruction. From hatred for myself and the world, narcissistic & delusional aloofness, and chaos in my brain, to self-growth through spirituality. From self-hailing to self-healing, this is the final dance for letting go of the past. It’s the rebirth of a broken child, a DEADGIRL. Now reborn as a leader, as her own god; indestructible and inviolable.This is revenge.”

Check out the video for ‘Ashes’ here:



As well as the release of her new music video Mimi Barks has also announced details of her headline tour in 2023. She will be playing special shows, showcases tracks from her DEADGIRL mixtape in London, Haarlem, Berlin and Cologne in March 2023. Check out the dates below.