Listen to Beartooth’s Blistering New Single “Sunshine”



Fresh off the back of their huge sold our UK and European tour Beartooth are back with a huge new song for the summer entitled “Sunshine”. Following on from previous single “Riptide” Caleb & co continue the shift from their historically dark themes into more of a positive light whilst still keeping that classic Beartooth sound we all know and love. “Sunshine” shifts dramatically between the bands’ familiar aggressive sound and a huge uplifting catchy sing-a-long chorus that truly fits the title of the song. Of course no Beartooth track would be complete without some pit starting riffage and “Sunshine” does not disappoint on that front either. It seems like we have officially entered a new colourful, positive era for Beartooth and if they continue to churn out hits of this caliber we are 100% onboard!

Speaking on the single, songwriter and vocalist Caleb Shomo says: “‘Sunshine!’ is about alot of things, the most obvious being seasonal depression… It’s always been prevalent in my life but as I grow older, it gets more intense. This song is also about moving on from the dark place I was in during 2020-2021. At the end of the day, life should be enjoyed and a Beartooth song doesn’t always have to be miserable.”

Check out ‘Sunshine’ here:



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