JUST FRIENDS Release Summer Single “Better 2 Be Around”



Californian self coined funk rock group JUST FRIENDS have a new sing-a-long summer song “Better 2 Be Around.” – try saying that three times fast! The release comes from the band’s fourth full-length album, “Gusher,” set for release on 1st September on Pure Noise Records. “Better 2 Be Around” has those Weezer – Island In Sun vibes with super chilled out sonic tones and dual vocals providing the hooks while lyrically confronting some hard truths with a positive message. Speaking on the single, the band comment:  “‘Better 2 Be Around’ started from a guitar loop that Yanko wrote at our old practice space one day. A few of us went to grab bagels and when we got back, J Crumb had recorded a bunch of vocal ideas over the melody. One of those vocals went “better to be around” with a country twang. It’s easy to find yourself disconnected and floating in limbo after days and days on the road. Sometimes we’re on autopilot, we shoot from the hip and end up hurting other peoples’ feelings when we never mean to. How do you become better to be around when you’re feeling down? This song is meant to uplift the heavy heart.

Watch the music video for “Better 2 Be Around” here:




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