Glasgow’s GODEATER have dropped a riff filled pit starter entitled ‘The Hatchet’. The song is an onslaught of heaviness hitting you in the face with blast beats, classic death metal dual guitar harmonies, pummelling drums, melodic soundscapes and massive head-banging moments. The accompanying music video is of a man having a nice stroll in the woods until he has the urge to dig up some sort of oily looking orb from the ground [insert pondering my orb meme here] before deciding it’s not quite for him, as you do! Yes we are aware there is also subtext and metaphors here that represent the themes of the song. Anyway the song is a heavy banger and Godeater are definitely a band to get familiar with if you’re a fan of the heavier side of life!

Speaking on the single, the band say:

“We still have an aggressive will for change, be it musically, personally or in our socio-political environment. The Hatchet encompasses this perfectly. It is about facing the uncomfortable, challenging complacency, having difficult conversations and ultimately taking action.

‘If the conversation dies, there will be no sequel’

Put simply, The Hatchet is GODEATER re-imagined and re-focused for 2022. We’ll see you out there!”

The single will feature on a forthcoming and as yet untitled release which has been mixed and mastered at the iconic Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström in Sweden.

Check out the music video for “The Hatchet” below: