Distant drop new single & video feat. Will Ramos of Lorna Shore!



What happens to when 2 of the heaviest bands in the world right now team up? Well that is just what can be heard on multinational deathcore crew Distant‘s new single featuring the new face of death metal Will Ramos from Lorna Shore. The song entitled “Heritage” is the title track from Distant’s third full length album which out tomorrow (10th Feb) and it’s another full on assault of the senses with all the crushing deathcore elements you’ve come to expect from the band, now with the added range of Will Ramos’ visceral vocals.

Speaking on the song the band comments: “‘Heritage’ is a breathtakingly heavy track yet still emotional, with a huge chorus and pace to last you for days, showcasing the diversity of our Dutch/Slovak collective! “At last, the father and son cross blades; during this exhausting battle, they remember the times forgotten as the clash of their blades sparks new light and brings up the twisted revelation of this catastrophic deception.”
Check out the brutal accompanying music video here:

Heritage is the band’s Century Media debut and third album to date. Vocalist Alan Grnja describes it as: “It’s low and slow… Musically, lyrically, we try to travel the uncharted and come up with something you can only call Distant.”  He adds “This is the perfect Distant record… I want it to be a genre-defining album in the same way ‘The Cleansing’ was for Suicide Silence – I would say this album is for us.”
Heritage is out on the 10th Feb 2023
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