Delaire The Liar share outstanding new EP ‘Self Defence’

Delaire The Liar have already touched the hearts and minds of many UK rock fans. Vocalist Ffin has always dug deep and shared emotionally charged, brutally honest lyrical content, brought to life with unique, layered melodies and harmonies to make you weep (trust me). As the trio release their new EP ‘Self Defence’, they explain the level of detail they’ve put into creating a fictional biosphere around the release, using stories to address challenging themes and situations that we have or will face.For those of you just coming into the world of Delaire it’s unlike anything you’ll hear in the modern rock space today and it’s beautifully refreshing. Only a couple of projects into their career, this band have already grasped some of the most difficult, intricate nuances of song-writing and it’s exciting to see them grow with each project. Every element of their work is well-thought out and interesting. ‘Interesting’; a word I use seriously in a world of punching riff and formulaic break-down saturation. This is a breath of fresh air in the UK heavy music scene.

The band themselves comment further on their new release:  “In the throes of desperation, there’s no telling the lengths a person will go to preserve themselves or their loved ones. This EP presents a series of fictional scenarios to challenge the typical understanding of self defence. The usual themes surrounding the topic are present; antagonism, violence, action and reaction, but with a focus on the more drastic instances that require a less reflexive and more considered approach. Instances that require a deeper understanding of the self, emotional capacity for pain, physical capacity for punishment, moral detachment and sacrifice for the benefit of yourself or someone else. This EP explores whether there is any defence too drastic or too difficult to justify when love, pride and responsibility is involved.”

“Self Defence” is out now via Rude Records.

Watch the stunning video to single “angel number.” below:



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