If you’re surprised at Bring Me The Horizon throwing a complete curveball and doing the opposite of what you expect, well you must be new here. BMTH have built a career on continually trying new things, experimenting with new sounds and more recently collaborations and the latest team up with Norwegian pop star Sigrid is no different. The two have released a catchy, emotionally charged pop song that could be something off a movie soundtrack. It has a positive message and Oli & Sigrid’s voices work surprising well together, showcased in the enormous singalong chorus with Oli taking the low harmonies in the which the note selection is spot on. The video is a one take performance with Oli & Sigrid each side of a wrecked house with clever use-age of lights, wind and rain machines, the camera glides between the two as the conditions increasingly ramp up until the final crescendo which is a visually pleasing metaphor for the song. Overall it’s a well crafted (if a little predictable) pop song that packs a ton of emotion like all of Bring Me’s releases do and if you’re mad that ‘it’s not heavy’, well that was never the intention – also refer to 2019’s “amo”, a very much pop inspired record!

The song seems to be very much a one off single with two artists who are fans of each other coming together rather than an indication of where Bring Me’s sound will go next, with Oli confirming they have already been recording the second part of their Post Human series, which will no doubt have a return to their heavier sound.

In a recent interview with Revolver, Oli said:

“It’s rare to find a band, who, when they get bigger and more mainstream, make sure to retain the harder elements … that made them big in the first place,” says Sykes. “That’s what we’re trying to do now: retain those extreme elements … but at the same time push ourselves and evolve. Let’s keep the screaming. Let’s keep the breakdown. Let’s keep the fast drumming. Let’s see what happens if we make pop music but still keep all those elements in there.”

Check out “Bad Life” here: