Sometimes a band appears that is just another level.

Rock, alternative, punk, metal…heavy music in general is in an incredible place. We’re seeing some of our existing favourites earn headliner status, new bands popping up in every corner on the spectrum of heavy genres and more talented creatives spark a new era in the scene. So when I first heard of unpeople – formed from the ashes of Press To Meco (Jake and Luke as lead vocals and guitar) and found affinity to form the final band (Meg and Richard on bass and drums) – I was intrigued. By my gosh, what we got delivered was another level of talent. We have literally been blown away by every element of their debut song ‘smother’ from the beautifully crafted opener riff to shove you headfirst into the track, the ever-so-catchy ‘woes’ to join in with and the utterly cathartic outburst of a chorus. A rather juicy adrenaline rush of a break-down too for those of you who stay till the end of the track. It’s a fierce 3min33s ride. A yes, let me repeat. This is their debut. They haven’t even got going yet.

In his own words, frontman Jake says “smother is a song born of unfiltered introspection and sheer desperation. The intentionally prying first line “are you being honest with yourself?” was more of a question to myself let alone the potential audience. Myself and Luke were certainly “feeling the pressure” at the time of the song’s inception. Having come off the back of two massive breakups, one band and one personal, we were literally scrambling for “something to live for”. Lyrically, it was a collaborative effort. Luke came up with the chorus which I immediately connected with. It then inspired me to really dig into the suffocating feeling of being at a complete loss of direction at the time. The rest came relatively easily as we were certainly in similar boats, albeit from slightly differing perspectives.”


Be prepared to become very, very curious about unpeople. Their debut single “smother” via SharpTone records: