WATCH: Lake Malice release new single & video for “Black Turbine”



Our ones to watch for this year Lake Malice are back with another huge anthem “Black Turbine”. The song is a less heavy output than their previous releases but still packs a punch with a plethora of big sing-a-long moments, driving electronic elements, head-bang inducing beats and some huge riffing. This may only be the 4th release from the duo but Lake Malice have the sound of a band far beyond their years and if they keep on delivering music of this quality, you’ll be sure to see them headlining some big stages in the near future!

Speaking on the theme of the song vocalist Alice Guala says: “’Black Turbine’ is a commentary about toxicity in codependent relationships. It’s an ode to being independent and holding onto individuality.” 

Check out the horror themed music video here: