“Midosommer Metal” pioneers Forlorn are back with another huge single entitled “The Weight Of It All”. Produced by the great George Lever (Loathe, Sleep Token, Monuments), the song weaves between haunting cinematic soundscapes, heavy crunched up riffs and head-bang inducing drum grooves with vocalist Megan delivering a pristine juxtaposition of ethereal vocal melodies and visceral screams. The accompanying music video see’s the band perform in a Winter Solstice-inspired setting which according to the band “shows the conflict between two characters within the same human-vessel; the fragile, ageing Maiden in the white dress and the old, wise and fearsome Crone, in the black crown with her wild eyes. We see the season demonstrated in frozen landscapes, sacred smoke, the wearing of ritual masks and the pounding of the bodhrán.”

Speaking further on the themes of the song vocalist Megan Elliott says: “’The Weight Of It All’ is lyrically centred upon the notion of living a double life; switching between two paradoxical personas that coexist within one fragile lifeform. Instrumentally this song immediately reminded me of a score from a Christopher Nolan film. I felt a strong connection to the iconic vigilante and their opposing personalities. The double-life concept resonates strongly for me, where my day-to-day life is so far removed from who I really am. On a daily basis I wear a metaphorical (and physical) mask, never really allowing anyone to get beneath the surface, until I’m back within the realms of comfort.”

Check out the music video for ‘The Weight Of It All” here:



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