WATCH: Electric Callboy Release Music Video For Tekkno Train!



Choo, choo, choo, choo, choo, choo We’re riding on the Tekkno train! Yes the song with the best breakdown lyrics ever penned has a music video and it’s everything you’d imagine it would be. Taken from the bands latest album “Tekkno” we see the “Tekkno Train” bring Electric Callboy’s Euro-Trance meets modern metalcore sound to the locomotive industry. The guys try their hand at becoming ticket inspectors making their way through the various flamboyant and somewhat futuristic carriages of the train full of visual innuendos. The most surprising thing we learn from the video is that the train is in-fact steam powered as the lads are also working hard in the engine room shovelling coal. Anyway, this is another to add to list of classic videos from the Callboy crew who cannot seem to miss these days, all aboard!

Check out the video here: