After announcing the band’s hiatus in 2019, Welsh metalcore group Continents are now officially back and have kickstarted a brand new era for the band with their new single ‘Lifeline’. The new release comes with a new sense of purpose and to showcase a side of the band fans have yet to see. The new single “Lifeline” is a hugely emotionally charged modern metal song that really hits hard both musically and thematically. They blend the heavy with the soft seamlessly throughout while vocalist Philip Cross delivers a performance seeped in pain and anger that really brings the messages behind the song to life.

Speaking on the themes of the song Cross says:  “Lyrically, ‘Lifeline’ is the most open and honest I’ve ever been with letting people into my head space. It takes listeners on an emotional journey through my struggles via the music and lyrics. It comes from the problems caused mainly by social anxiety with being in such a dark and terrifying place where I was unable to breathe, speak properly or leave my house at times. I hope ‘Lifeline’ resonates with listeners and encourages them to be more mindful of others, whether that be thinking before you speak or just checking in.”

Check out the video for “Lifeline” here:




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