Hardcore/hip-hop crew UNITYTX have announced their new album FERALITY, due for release on 8th September 2023 via Pure Noise Records. The record was produced by Andrew Wade (Wage War, A Day To Remember) and the they describe the process of creating the album as “confronting the last few years head-on with a blistering cocktail of car crash energy, sludgy horror-show macabre, industrial metal sheen and sinister subliminally… FERALITY has been a challenge of what it is to prevail while tiptoeing on the edge of sanity, like an animal being tormented in a cage,” says the band. “One could be driven completely unhinged when the effort is not acknowledged — this is an example. I speak on how it feels to not be welcomed into a space that was for the misunderstood – how it feels to lose yourself through creation, relations, and being complacent. I’ve given yet another part of myself to complete this piece of work. Set to deliver with my prosperity.”

Alongside the announcement, UNITYTX have shared their newest single “ROC SH!T”. It’s a powerhouse of a song that musically brings all the elements you want from a metal/hip-hop hybrid with crushing riffs and headbang inducing beats yet UNITYTX seem to tap into something more visceral than just the music, you can tell each line delivery comes from a place of pain and anger and the music acts as a vessel to get their message across.

Speaking on the track, the band explains, “We’ve had years of being bastardized by people who don’t understand that kids from the grit can also make razor sharp music with a cultural twist and hit harder than anyone could ever imagine. We have always come our own way and never felt the need to change — we’ve noticed the influence on the scene since our debut. The only thing left to do is to go harder than before, that’s definite.”

Check out the video for “ROCK. SH!T” here:




FERALITY is available to pre-order now at