TROPIC GOLD sign to UNFD and release new single ‘Adrenaline’



If you ever had doubts about the strength of future alternative music in the UK, then look no further than Suffolk-via-Essex 4 piece Tropic Gold. The band have dropped their new single and video for “Adrenaline” alongside the announcement that they have signed to Australian based label UNFD home to the likes of Stray From The Path, ERRA, Invent Animate and Thornhill to name a few. The song is the perfect blend of heaviness with pop sensibilities, channelling the likes of Bring Me The Horizon with the use of electronic elements whilst also making it their own. There’s heavy riffs, slick drum grooves, sing-a-long choruses and a huge amount of emotion and energy packed into the vocal performance and lyrical content. Tropic Gold are definitely a band you need on your radar and things are only going to get bigger from here.

Speaking on the themes of the song the band share: “Adrenaline unravels the uncontrollable feeling of not being able to get through a day without an unreasonably positive event occurring… it vocalises how having a day without an extreme positive lift can result in intense lows, similar to withdrawal symptoms. The lyrics are written from a “talking to myself” perspective, with vocals representing an inner monologue highlighted throughout the song.”

“The excitement of signing with UNFD is undeniably life changing,” they continue. “We are beyond grateful for the shared enthusiasm UNFD have in the future of Tropic Gold, and are not holding back on making the most of what this partnership can create. The shared ambition for bringing the vision of Tropic Gold to life has allowed us to expand our team for the first time, and UNFD have made us feel lovingly welcomed and part of a family immediately. We can’t wait to invite the world to join the experience.”

Check out the video for “Adrenaline” here: