TROPHY EYES release new single, ‘Life In Slow Motion’



Following their packed out performances at this years Slam Dunk festivals, Australian punk rockers Trophy Eyes have released a new single ‘Life In Slow Motion’ taken off their new album ‘Suicide and Sunshine’, set for release on June 23rd. Trophy Eyes have always had songs that pull on the old heartstrings whilst being simultaneously uplifting and “Life In Slow Motion” definitely falls into that category. Vocalist John Floreani’s lyrics attempt to make sense of patterns that occur in life’s intricate details whether light or dark, all set atop an upbeat soundtrack which feels somewhat nostalgic yet contemplative – the type of song that makes you want to stare out of a car window as some pretend credits roll on your life. Speaking on the themes of the song Floreani says: “‘Life in Slow Motion’ is my assessment of life itself, and the way we as humans navigate life and time here on Earth…Searching for meaning in chaos, I found myself seeing signs in number patterns and small examples of beauty in ordinary life; a hug at the bar exchanged between friends, a crinkled photo of a loved one kept close, a kindness or a smile. What they mean, I can’t say, but sometimes if you look hard enough and sit quietly enough, life reaches out and speaks to you.”


Check out the video for ‘Life In Slow Motion” here: