We need to talk about SNAYX…the future of British rock is brewing.

As music fans one of the first things people ask us here at Forever Loud’s The Newlist is ‘who should I be listening to then?’. Well, SNAYX is one. Having spent time crafting their sound around the South Coast, they’ve toured the UK and Europe with their edgy, punk-fuelled sound. Teaming up now with producer Jamie Hall, this new single “Better Days” is a signal they’re ready for all and everyone to taste a bit of SNAYX. Whether you’ve already got into the likes of unstoppable British rockers Kid Kapichi, like your lyrics rough and ready like IDLES or enjoy a good dance around in an indie-rock fashion, there’s something for everyone in this bands songwriting.

PS – If you ever pop to the bathroom at a venue around the UK / Europe and see the words ‘Snayx sit on my face’ on a wall or door,  don’t be alarmed. Just know one of the UK’s most exciting bands has played in this venue and garnered a few fellow fans along the way. It’s a beautiful thing.

Watch the playful music to “Better Days” below: