Opening a new Sleep Token song these days feels like spinning the wheel on a random genre generator as you never know what style of music they’re going to delve into next and their latest offering “DYWTYLM” is no different. Once again Sleep Token take a step away from the guitars and live drums and deliver what could be described as a hook filled minimalist pop song that is a catchy as it is heartbreaking. Musically the song very stripped back compared to bands recent releases, the use of electronic Marimba style arpeggios, big 808 drum beats and effected vocal layers serve as a bed for Vessel’s iconic voice to shine as he portrays the feelings of a longing for love from someone who can’t feel the same way. It’s yet another string to the Sleep Token bow and one which will only help grow their ever expanding fanbase. 2023 has already been such a monumental year for the band with “Chokehold”, “The Summoning”, “Aqua Regia”, “Granite” and “Vore” collectively amassing over 85 million streams, with standout single, “The Summoning” generating some 38.8 million streams alone, causing the track to trend on Twitter and take the #1 song spot on a host of international Spotify viral charts, as well as being selected as a ‘YouTube Trending Artist On The Rise’, featuring on YouTube’s home page, viewed by millions of people every day.

Check out the new visualiser for “DYWTYLM” here:



Take Me Back To Eden, will be released on May 19th via Spinefarm. Pre-orders are now available across various formats.




01 Chokehold

02 The Summoning

03 Granite

04 Aqua Regia

05 Vore

06 Ascensionism

07 Are You Really Okay?

08 The Apparition


10 Rain

11 Take Me Back To Eden

12 Euclid


 You can catch Sleep Token at various European and UK festivals this year, full dates below:



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