SLEEP TOKEN Announce New Album Details & Release New Single ‘Vore’



Arguably heavy music’s hottest band right now, having hit viral success following the release of their new music earlier this year, Sleep Token have officially announced the details of their much anticipated upcoming album and have dropped another single from it, entitled “Vore”. The album named “Take Me Back To Eden” will be the band’s third studio album and is set for release on May 19th via Spinefarm. The record will span an hour-plus of music across 12 tracks and is billed as part 3 of a trilogy, being described as “a spectacular chapter-closer in the ongoing Sleep Token saga – a saga that kicked off in earnest with debut album, Sundowning (2019) Eden’ features probably the heaviest moments thus far recorded by Sleep Token (i.e. “Vore” & “The Summoning”), along with some of the most immediate and certainly the most emotional (i.e. “Aqua Regia” & “DYWTYLM”), with a slew of other tones, textures and tangents touched on in-between.” Many fans are already claiming it to be a potential album of the year contender and judging by the sheer quality and range of the singles released so far, it’s hard to argue. 

The latest offering “Vore” brings back the heavy side to their sound as we’re immediately hit with a huge atmospheric downtuned wall of a sound with vocalist Vessel demonstrating their screamed vocals perhaps the most yet in a Sleep Token song. We are then taken through the beautiful light and dark dynamics that Sleep Token do so well, with Vessels ethereal soulful voice interweaving between soft and heavy moments while huge electronic and orchestral atmospheric beddings holds it all together in the mix. “Vore” is up there in quality and diversity with the previous singles and proves they are definitely not just a flash in the pan. While a lot of “hype” in this industry is temporary, the success and attention Sleep Token has been receiving of late has been a long time coming and is a testament to the raw talent this group has and they deserve every bit of it. “Vore” is the fifth single and also the fifth track on the album, the previous releases were also tracks one to four, so could we be getting the sixth tomorrow? They have had a habit of dropping singles in two’s this campaign… Well whatever Sleep Token do we are here for it and can’t wait for the album!

Check out the new visualiser for “Vore” here:






01 Chokehold

02 The Summoning

03 Granite

04 Aqua Regia

05 Vore

06 Ascensionism

07 Are You Really Okay?

08 The Apparition


10 Rain

11 Take Me Back To Eden

12 Euclid

Pre-orders are now available now.


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