Whenever Don Broco drop a new music video, it’s a roulette of what you’re going to get. So far we’ve had weddings, cowboys, aliens, post apocalyptic situations, David Beckhams, boxing, power rangers & astronauts to name a few so the fact that their new video for Fingernails features robots, dinosaurs and err.. giant technicolour digital elephants – it’s almost not a surprise anymore. The fever dream of a video is a mix between clever and very well done CGI mixed with real figures shot on what looks like a miniature set. DB have had a lot of dino imagery in their past releases with Rob even riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the latest tour poster, so it all probably fits in somewhere in the Don Broco lore – just don’t ask us how exactly, okay? The video set on a planet where apparently dinosaurs are grown in a lab, the robot (or android? It’s hard to tell) army ascends to take them out ending up in a huge battle until giant digital looking multicolour elephants come and destroy everything – dinosaurs and robots alike… Yeah we’re confused too! But hey, that’s what makes Don Broco the kings of the video game and always the ones we look forward to!


Check out the video here: