RESOLVE Drop Single ‘New Colors’



Resolve have new music and an important message to convey through their brand new single ‘New Colors’. The emotionally charged single is thematically influenced in part by the failure of world authorities to tackle the current climate crisis which has seen record high temperatures recorded around the world this year. “New Colors” acts as a ‘call for unity’ and a recognition that the only way to remedy the solution is for people to work together for the future of the species. It’s a super important messaged packaged up in a song that hits you hard with melodic hooks, anthemic choruses, heavy moments and beautifully crafted soundscapes.

Speaking on the song bassist Robin Mariat says: “The four of us in Resolve are starting to be old enough to see with our own eyes how we’re coming towards the end of an era as a species. Earlier this month, the record for the highest ever global temperature was once again broken. It’s getting obvious that we’re long past the point of no return, so as Anthony is singing in the chorus: if it’s too late for saving our souls, rather fail together than triumph alone. None of us will make it alone in this world. New Colors is our call for unity.” 

Watch the video for “New Colors” here:



Resolve’s second full-length album will be released on Friday 15th September via Arising Empire and will feature ‘New Colors’ as well as recent singles ‘Death Awaits’ and ‘Human’. Pre-orders are available right now via this LINK.


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