KNIFE BRIDE complete their trilogy of releases with

“permanent s m i l e’

Focusing on the more terrifying side of falling asleep, Knife Bride share the final part of a trilogy of tracks that are as full of imagery as the music video’s they’ve accompanied them with. Their first “sacrifice/surrender” “represents the most paralysing part of sleep,” and “smother (make me suffer)”, refers to the “the flickery eye, heart racing, electric pulsing part of falling into sleep.”. Vocalist Mollie Buckley says “‘permanent s m i l e’ is a romanticised revenge narrative. I’ve always been fascinated with films like ‘I Spit On Your Grave’, ‘Hard Candy’, and ‘Promising Young Woman’ and that’s definitely where the concept for the song came from. Retribution is always sweet… or so says cinema.” Buckley proclaims the collection as a whole is “A trilogy of my gruesome dreams. A one night cycle of disturbing visions.”

Metalcore heads and riff-hunters (from the heavier rock space) alike will find something with Knife Bride so whether you need to scream your heart out or sing-along you can do both. As long as it’s with energy!!!

“permanent s m i l e” is out now via 30th Century Records .

Watch the savagely vibrant video below: