Holding Absence Release Huge New Single “A Crooked Melody”



Arguably one of the UK’s hardest working bands of late Holding AbsenceĀ have just dropped a brand new single entitled “A Crooked Melody” and it’s huge! For the past year it has been pretty non stop for the HA crew as they have gone from tour to tour and festival to festival playing all over the world to crowds of adoring fans old and new; so it’s a surprise they even had time to fit in writing and recording new music into their schedule. This however appears to have had no effect on their creative output as they jumped backed in the studio last year with producer Dan Weller to lay down “A Crooked Melody” – a huge hook filled, emotionally charged anthem which brings together the best of Holding Absence and is sure to be a future fan favourite. After 8 years as a band, it finally seems like Holding Absence are getting the recognition a lot of people think they have deserved for a long time. Their work ethic and consistency of musical output over the past few years has seen them gain fans all over the world and their stage sizes grow and if this latest single is anything to go by things are hopefully only going to continue to get bigger.

Check out the beautifully shot music video for “A Crooked Melody” here:



Watch our interview with Lucas from Holding Absence at 2000 Trees here: