Greywind return with new single ‘Antidote’



It’s been a bit of a tumultuous career so far for Irish emo-rock brother and sister duo Greywind since the release of their debut album ‘Afterthoughts’ back in 2017. They have navigated the notoriously rocky landscape of the music industry and experienced some great highs and lows in that time including a major label battle over music rights. Not being deterred by legal issues and lack of musical output however, the band have managed to cultivate an ever growing fanbase, in part thanks to a recent viral surge that saw songs from ‘Afterthoughts’ reach millions of new fans globally. Now, they are finally laying their past struggles to rest and have returned with their first single proper in two years entitled “Antidote”.

The song is a pop punk-ed up anthem full of catchy melodies and venomous lyrics as vocalist Steph O’Sullivan explains: “‘Antidote’ is full of all our rage… We’ve always treated everyone with respect and kindness, but we saw so little of that in return. Really, these songs are a reminder to ourselves and to people listening that only you can save yourself. You can be in a dark place, and you can have all the support in the world—and I did, from Paul—but [sometimes] you’re the only one that can get yourself out of a toxic feedback loop.”

Watch the video for “Antidote” here: