Bring Me The Horizon drop new single and lyric video for “DArkSide”



The date may be unknown for Bring Me The Horizon’s new album ‘POST HUMAN: NeX Gen’ after getting pushed back from an initial 15th September release, but that hasn’t stopped the band from dropping a brand new single and if anything building the anticipation even more. The latest offering from the record is a short but very sweet track entitled “DArkSide”, coming in at 2 minutes 45 seconds, the song lyrically tackles demons from vocalist Oli Sykes past whilst demonstrating their unwavering ability to write memorable hooks and immediately catchy melodies. Stylistically, such as previous singles “LosT” and “AmEN!” the band are channelling influences from the 00’s with some nods to bands such as Papa Roach and Linkin Park while still keeping it sounding fresh and identifiably BMTH.

Check out the lyric video here full of halloween themed retro graphics and cryptic coding (which we just don’t have the time to decode right now):