Our favourite mysterious masked nu-metal crew BLACKGOLD are back with a huge new tune that pays homage to the bands that inspired them. ‘On Another Level’ is a head-bopping anthem with Rage-eqsue riffs, rapped verses, a super catchy chorus and provocative lyrics about their disdain for the corporate music machine while giving a shout out to the “heyday’ of bands such as Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine, System Of A Down, Nirvana & Blink 182 before heading into a literal Korn inspired breakdown!

Speaking on the track the band say: β€œβ€˜On Another Level’ is a homage to the kings of Nu Metal and a dig at the joke music has become. BLACKGOLD writes music that feels true to who we are and what we represent as a unit. We are sick of seeing all the narcissism and ego that is being pumped into music and we want to strip it all back and just make damn good tunes.”

Check out the video for ‘On Another Level’ here:


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